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Watching Snow Melt

February 17, 2014 No comments

Turns out that 49 out of 50 states have gotten snow so far this year which got me to thinking about cocktails that involve snow.

There is something called the "Snow Melt" that combines 1 oz vodka, 1 oz Amaretto and hot chocolate, which can be made in the Rabbit Fliptop Stainless Cocktail Shaker. Alas, although I checked several web sites for recipes, there is no actual snow used in the "Snow Melt".

Awards Season

January 16, 2014 No comments

The Golden Globes were announced this past Sunday, and the nominations for the Oscars were announced this morning. So what does that mean to you, dear reader?

It means that come March 2nd , you can be cozy in front of your television with a glass of wine in hand, opened by a VIP Rabbit ($120), the ultimate, top-of-the-line model of the Rabbit Corkscrew (why not celebrate like The Wolf of Wall Street?).

If you're having friends over for an Oscar party, consider ordering some Rabbit Wine Charms. They come six in a box, in an assortment of vibrant colors with stainless Rabbit ears to make it easier for guests to personalize and keep track of their own glass.

Of course if you're going for cocktails (a la the revelers in American Hustle), check out the Rabbit Fliptop Stainless Cocktail Shaker. At only $25 bucks ($29 for the 24 ounce size), you can celebrate like the (not nominated) Gatsby!

Next up: Valentine's Day!

Happy New Year from Metrokane!

December 28, 2013 No comments

Whether you plan to celebrate Old Year's or Saint Sylvester's Day, or just plain New Year's Eve, December 31st has long been a day to party.

In many countries, New Year's Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where people dance, eat, drink and watch fireworks to mark the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new one. And what a better way to pop the cork on that bottle of champagne than with Metrokane (try our Velvet Champagne Pliers)? Prefer a cocktail or two? We've got you covered there too with our Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer.

So whether you're among the first to welcome the New Year (Kiribati and Samoa) or the last (that would be in Hawaii), we at Metrokane wish you a happy and healthy 2014!

Oh Baby it's Cold Outside

October 25, 2013 No comments

The summer is all about casual: poolside picnics, family BBQ's, cocktails and wine coolers. But the colder weather (and what qualifies as "colder" is definitely a matter of preference) seems to bring out the more buttoned up in all of us.

Pool parties give way to dinner parties and wine coolers give way to…well, just wine.

Gregory Cartier of AskMen ( put it best: "Seasons change, and when they do, so do the wines we drink. Unless you live in a climate like Arizona or Hawaii, where your concept of winter is nonexistent in comparison to someone in Vermont, for example, your selection of wines probably changes when the mercury drops. If that is not the case, you should consider the climate and season next time you choose a wine for dinner."

"The idea of "winter wines" is not so much about specific vintages being appropriate in one season and unacceptable in another. Rather, it is about which characteristics of certain wines not only match well with the season, but more importantly, with the foods we associate with the season."

"In the heat of summer, I doubt you eat a lot of thick, hearty soups or stews, or roasts for that matter. Winter is the traditional time to eat these dishes, given the need to warm up when the temperature dips and to get some meat on your bones."

One thing that shouldn't change, however, are the accessories you use for opening, serving and preserving your wine. And so it should go without saying that you should pick up the new Rabbit Electra Wine Tool Kit ($50)—one for yourself and a couple for gifts. The set combines a premium Electric Corkscrew with a polished chrome Foil Cutter and the Rabbit Wine Preserving Stopper. They are all displayed and stored in a sensational Lucite presentation case (kind of like an upscale Swiss Army Kit for wine drinkers).

So put on an extra sweater, a couple of wine glasses and grab a bottle or two of red. Just because the temperature has dropped doesn't mean its time to stop celebrating!


September 24, 2013 No comments

Fall is the time for change. The kids go back-to-school, the leaves start to turn and--most importantly for wine lovers--it's "Crush Season", aka one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. The period culminating in the crush (in the Northern Hemisphere) begins when the grapes start to change color in mid-to-late summer, with the actual the harvest season typically falling between August & October.

Thanks to Metrokane, you can pay attention to the timing of the "Crush Season" and leave it to us to worry about the details of opening, serving and preserving the wine.

What's new for fall at Metrokane?

Start with the new Rabbit Wine Preserving Stoppers, small but effective vacuum pumps (in chic black or red) that also serve as an attractive stopper ($10.00).

Or, for those who prefer high-tech, there's the battery-powered Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver (+ two stoppers!), a faster, easier and more effective way to preserve red wine ($39.99). A vacuum (strong enough to give you a hand hickey!) preserves the wine's flavor in 10 to 15 seconds and preserves the bouquet for a week or more.

Next there's the Rabbit Bottleneck Gift Collection, a great way to include a Rabbit--from Bottle stoppers ($4.99), Flipper Pourer/Stoppers ($7.99), Bottle Toppers ($4.99) or a Zippity Waiter's Corkscrew ($9.99) to bump up a bottle of wine or champagne (the little devils are ingeniously packaged to loop around the bottle top).

And finally, if design is your thing, you'll want to check out Rabbit's Space Saving Wine Rack (included MOMA's collection), which fits into a fridge, providing cool storage for white wine. Crafted of high-tensile-strength steel and structural plastic, it's the perfect solution to convenient wine storage. And for only $20 bucks, you'll be able to snag one for yourself.


September 12, 2013 No comments

The kids are back-to-school, casual Fridays are done and your tan lines are fading (I know it's bad, I just can't help myself!).

If you're Jewish, you have the holidays coming up (so early this year!) and if you're not you just have to wonder why the heck they're putting out the Halloween candy so early (it's only September!).

Either way, the start of a new season is often the time to reflect on what's past and what's ahead. I don't know about you, but I do my reflecting best at home, with a glass of red wine (how to open the bottle? You should know by now, using the original, award winning Rabbit Corkscrew ($50), which works on all bottle sizes and pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat).

Next I affix my Rabbit Aerating Pourer ($20.00) to the wine bottle (no need for a decanter or separate aerator). When I pour the wine I can see and hear aeration happening (it's almost hypnotic!).

As the leaves begin turn and the wine bottle begins to empty, I give thanks for my husband, my kids, my family and my health…and to Metrokane, for making it so easy to relax and enjoy the wine!

Dear MM

August 12, 2013 No comments

Dear Ms. Metrokane,

I live in a very small apartment with a husband, two kids, three cats, two dogs and a hamster. Both my husband and I are wine afficiantos—we love white in particular—and when we spot a great deal we tend to buy bottles in multiples. Thing is, I just can't find the space for one more bottle, let alone room in my fridge. We were thinking of getting rid of the hamster, but my eight-year old won't hear of it. Any suggestions?

-- From No More Room at the Inn

Dear Miss No Room,

Yes! You must get a Rabbit Space-Saver Wine Rack, the most compact wine storage system ever designed (there's even one in the Museum of Modern Art's collection!). Crafted of high-tensile-strength steel and structural plastic, it holds 6 bottles and folds up flat. It's the perfect solution to convenient wine storage in a small space. You can even fill it with bottles and pop it into the refrigerator! So tell your eight-year old that the hamster is safe. And for the $20 the Rabbit Wine Rack costs, you can even buy two!


Memorial Day

May 20, 2013 No comments

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, and for many Americans it simply marks the official three-day weekend start of summer and a great time to shop for bargains. It didn't start that way.

Memorial Day is a US federal holiday that is celebrated on the final Monday of May. It was created as a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service. And while many people do honor those who have fought and died, most throng to backyard BBQ's and beaches, which is where Metrokane comes in.

If it's a hot weekend (we can only hope!) and the party isn't at your house, tote your wine with the Rabbit Wine Trek. It comes with a Chiller Wrap that is ready to use after 30 minutes in the freezer and keeps red wine cool and drinkable too.

When you get to the party, serve your wine with the innovative Rabbit Wine-Chilling Carafe, which uses no plastic ice chamber or freezable chemicals (the stainless ice chamber is a highly efficient cold-transfer material, far superior to glass or plastic).

Prefer a summer cocktail? Shake it up with the Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer ($20), kick back and enjoy.

PS Don't forget the sunscreen!


May 14, 2013 No comments

According to the Wine Institute, wine consumption is up to roughly 856 million gallons in 2012, from 836 million gallons in 2011. That's an increase of 20 million gallons.

How are you going to open, serve and preserve all that wine? If you wanted to, you could probably open a wine bottle with a five dollar waiter corkscrew and plug it up with the very cork you removed. But why should you when there are so many cool products available? >br>
Try the Original Rabbit Corkscrew ($50), which pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat, then automatically releases it (try doing that with a waiter's corkscrew!) . Its user-friendly ergonomic design opens any size wine bottle while looking downright cool.

Serve your wine with the innovative Rabbit Wine-Chilling Carafe, which uses no plastic ice chamber or freezable chemicals (the stainless ice chamber is a highly efficient cold-transfer material, far superior to glass or plastic).

And finally, preserve the wine with a Wine Preserver Vacuum Pump with 2 Stoppers ($14), which removes air from an opened bottle of wine. This preserves the wines taste until the bottle is re-opened.

Fact is, Americans are drinking--and appreciating--more wine than ever before. And with the full range of Metrokane wine and barware accessories they can now do it in style.

Summer Hostess Gifts

April 29, 2013 No comments

Summer is a season of pool parties, house parties and dinner parties. And if there's one thing that you need more than a good sunscreen, it's a go-to list of hostess gifts. From expensive to not-so-expensive, Metrokane has you covered.

Following find a list below to insure that you never arrive empty-handed.

Rabbit Flipper Pourer/Stoppers ($8.00)
It's an air-tight wine stopper (flip to close). It's a drip-free pourer (flip to open). *Package comes in a set of 2 assorted colors

Wine Preserver Vacuum Pump with 2 Stoppers ($14.00)
The Wine Preserver is a pump-and-stopper vacuum system that removes air from an opened bottle of wine. This preserves the wines taste until the bottle is re-opened.

Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer ($20.00)
Mixing cocktails is more fun than ever with the Rabbit Electric Cocktail Mixer. Measure the ingredients of your favorite cocktail into the Mixer, add ice, and press the start button. Enjoy the mixing show, then pour chilled, delicious cocktails.

Rabbit 4 Piece Tool Kit ($25.00)
Includes all the tools needed to open, serve and store wine: Rabbit Self-Pulling Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Pourer with Stopper and Wine/Champagne Sealer.

Rabbit Wine Trek ($30.00)
Wine Trek comes with a Chiller Wrap that is ready to use after 30 minutes in the freezer. It keeps red wine cool and drinkable too—the first-ever carrier that keeps wine and champagne cool as you "keep on trekking".

Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe ($50.00)
The Rabbit Wine-Chilling Carafe keeps wine chilled the natural way. (No plastic ice chamber! No freezable chemicals!) It's a more effective chilling carafe because the stainless ice chamber is a highly efficient cold-transfer material, far superior to glass or plastic.

Happy Summer!

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