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Awards Season

January 16, 2014 No comments

The Golden Globes were announced this past Sunday, and the nominations for the Oscars were announced this morning. So what does that mean to you, dear reader?

It means that come March 2nd , you can be cozy in front of your television with a glass of wine in hand, opened by a VIP Rabbit ($120), the ultimate, top-of-the-line model of the Rabbit Corkscrew (why not celebrate like The Wolf of Wall Street?).

If you're having friends over for an Oscar party, consider ordering some Rabbit Wine Charms. They come six in a box, in an assortment of vibrant colors with stainless Rabbit ears to make it easier for guests to personalize and keep track of their own glass.

Of course if you're going for cocktails (a la the revelers in American Hustle), check out the Rabbit Fliptop Stainless Cocktail Shaker. At only $25 bucks ($29 for the 24 ounce size), you can celebrate like the (not nominated) Gatsby!

Next up: Valentine's Day!

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