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September 2013


September 24, 2013 No comments

Fall is the time for change. The kids go back-to-school, the leaves start to turn and--most importantly for wine lovers--it's "Crush Season", aka one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. The period culminating in the crush (in the Northern Hemisphere) begins when the grapes start to change color in mid-to-late summer, with the actual the harvest season typically falling between August & October.

Thanks to Metrokane, you can pay attention to the timing of the "Crush Season" and leave it to us to worry about the details of opening, serving and preserving the wine.

What's new for fall at Metrokane?

Start with the new Rabbit Wine Preserving Stoppers, small but effective vacuum pumps (in chic black or red) that also serve as an attractive stopper ($10.00).

Or, for those who prefer high-tech, there's the battery-powered Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver (+ two stoppers!), a faster, easier and more effective way to preserve red wine ($39.99). A vacuum (strong enough to give you a hand hickey!) preserves the wine's flavor in 10 to 15 seconds and preserves the bouquet for a week or more.

Next there's the Rabbit Bottleneck Gift Collection, a great way to include a Rabbit--from Bottle stoppers ($4.99), Flipper Pourer/Stoppers ($7.99), Bottle Toppers ($4.99) or a Zippity Waiter's Corkscrew ($9.99) to bump up a bottle of wine or champagne (the little devils are ingeniously packaged to loop around the bottle top).

And finally, if design is your thing, you'll want to check out Rabbit's Space Saving Wine Rack (included MOMA's collection), which fits into a fridge, providing cool storage for white wine. Crafted of high-tensile-strength steel and structural plastic, it's the perfect solution to convenient wine storage. And for only $20 bucks, you'll be able to snag one for yourself.


September 12, 2013 No comments

The kids are back-to-school, casual Fridays are done and your tan lines are fading (I know it's bad, I just can't help myself!).

If you're Jewish, you have the holidays coming up (so early this year!) and if you're not you just have to wonder why the heck they're putting out the Halloween candy so early (it's only September!).

Either way, the start of a new season is often the time to reflect on what's past and what's ahead. I don't know about you, but I do my reflecting best at home, with a glass of red wine (how to open the bottle? You should know by now, using the original, award winning Rabbit Corkscrew ($50), which works on all bottle sizes and pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat).

Next I affix my Rabbit Aerating Pourer ($20.00) to the wine bottle (no need for a decanter or separate aerator). When I pour the wine I can see and hear aeration happening (it's almost hypnotic!).

As the leaves begin turn and the wine bottle begins to empty, I give thanks for my husband, my kids, my family and my health…and to Metrokane, for making it so easy to relax and enjoy the wine!

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