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Dear MM

August 12, 2013 No comments

Dear Ms. Metrokane,

I live in a very small apartment with a husband, two kids, three cats, two dogs and a hamster. Both my husband and I are wine afficiantos—we love white in particular—and when we spot a great deal we tend to buy bottles in multiples. Thing is, I just can't find the space for one more bottle, let alone room in my fridge. We were thinking of getting rid of the hamster, but my eight-year old won't hear of it. Any suggestions?

-- From No More Room at the Inn

Dear Miss No Room,

Yes! You must get a Rabbit Space-Saver Wine Rack, the most compact wine storage system ever designed (there's even one in the Museum of Modern Art's collection!). Crafted of high-tensile-strength steel and structural plastic, it holds 6 bottles and folds up flat. It's the perfect solution to convenient wine storage in a small space. You can even fill it with bottles and pop it into the refrigerator! So tell your eight-year old that the hamster is safe. And for the $20 the Rabbit Wine Rack costs, you can even buy two!


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